Mobility News

Introduction This series of blog posts is intended to highlight industry news, releases, events and happenings within the enterprise mobility space.

Middleware: Netweaver Gateway SP03
You can read about what is new using this link. Being a big proponent and advocate toward the use of NW GW, I am excited to see SAP pushing this product, giving it a lot of attention and driving short release cycles to answer the needs of the development community.
Middleware: Netweaver Gateway SP03 Trial
Developers can now also download a LINUX trial version of Netweaver Gateway. This is a prepackaged version and will get you up and running with a test server in no time. The trial uses MaxDB and sits on top of SUSE Linux. The trials were also recently (15th March) updated to the new SP03 level of Gateway. Windows version
Mobile Payments: Square
I recently received my free square credit card reader and am really impressed with the tight little app it ships with (there are 2 actually), and how quick and easy it was to get setup. I would not be surprised to start seeing iPad’s replace cash registers. Currently there are Wifi enabled receipt printers and pretty cool looking check out stands. Definitively a transformation from the cash drawer days. From a development perspective I hope they will release an API allowing you to use the reader and accept payments from custom developed apps.
Apple News
New: iPad 3
With the recent release of the iPad 3 I am curious to know how many users out there have plans to upgrade or purchase the new model? Just a reminder to all the iOS developers out there to upgrade their apps to be retina “compatible”. So far our SAP Note Viewer for iPad seems to look OK with the new resolution, albeit some icons being slightly pixelated, not sure if that would warrant a upgrade. For the iOS developers out there, you can use this hack to simulate the higher resolution.
New: Apple Configurator
Apple configurator is a new product recently released which runs on OSX Lion gives mobility admins a basic MDM platform for deploying and managing apple devices in the enterprise. This is perfect for a small company where some basic management features are needed within the mobility space. You can read a little more about the software here.
Update: Apple iPhone Configuration Utility
Apple recently updated the Apple Configurator which allows you to create and deploy profiles for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. These profiles contain security policies, email account settings and certificates enabling enterprise integration. The new version of the software is 3.5 and adds policy restrictions for Siri, voice dialing and photo stream to name a few. You can check the out the change log here.