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Git <> HANA – A free, open-source Github client for SAP HANA


Over the last few months, working on the metric² open source project, I have been frequently updating the GitHub repo. As a heavy XS Web IDE user, this entailed exporting or copying the contents of the files from the package into my local GitHub repository for the project and subsequently committing the files from there. Since there is a small disconnect between the source (my HANA packages) and the destination (GitHub) I like to often see what changes which are due to be committed, the differences between the files, or just compare the files between the 2 systems.

Being over dedicated to building solutions to some of my workflow challenges (see here, here and here), I created yet another small HANA native app called Git <> HANA. The application allows you to compare files between your local HANA package and your (or any other) GitHub repo, and it also lets you commit files directly from the UI to GitHub, and vice-versa. If a file does not exists, it will create it for you (on either side). There are a couple other cool features which you can read about below, or watch the little video I created.

If you are a web IDE user it’s quick and convenient to use, and I am convinced it will make your HANA + GitHub integration easier (I am also hoping we will also see more open source native HANA apps on GitHub as a result!!!!)

Features of Git <> HANA

– Compare files between HANA and Github
– Compare inline or side by side
– Commit files from HANA to GitHub
– Commit/activate files from GitHub to HANA
– Repo/branch selection
– Native HANA application
– Easy HANA package installation
– Open source
– handles .xs* (e.g. .xsaccess, .xsapp) files (which your file system probably does not like!)
– Image comparison
– File browsing can be done via the GitHub repo or your HANA package

You can download the app package here (newsletter sign up requested so I can keep you up to date with the app) or check out the source files here.

If you think this would be helpful or would like to see any other features, or would like to contribute to the source … EXCELLENT, please just let me know



Use the HANA Package Browser or GitHub repository as a reference.

Push files from HANA to GitHub or from GitHub to your local HANA package.

Compare Files side by side, or inline

Package Install Instructions

Download the package
– Open Lifecycle manager (http://<HANA_SERVER>:PORT/sap/hana/xs/lm/)
– Click on Import/Export menu
– Click Import from File
– Browse to the downloaded file
– Edit the index.html file and specify your github username/password (or leave it blank and enter these details using the settings)

Press Release – KB Manager for iOS now available on the Apple App Store

A system admin notebook for Microsoft KB Articles on the iPad or iPhone.

Belmont, NC. – April 4, 2013 – Enterprise app development startup Lithium Labs has announced the release of its latest app: KB Manager for iOS. The free app gives system admin’s and IT professionals the ability to search for and save links to KB (Knowledge Base) articles on their iPad or iPhone.

The app was developed out of necessity while the team  was wasting a considerable amount of time trying to keep track of which articles to read, keep or even implement in the systems they were working with.  They also struggled to keep track of which KB’s belonged to which servers or applications. Which is why they collaborated on building a solution, and developed KB Manager.

KB Manager can be used to searching KB’s, categorizing them and also tagging them into groups. This gives the user the ability to quickly and easily find articles saved when working on the problem at hand. The app also has the ability to easily share KB articles via email. Comments can be added to each article which adds a collaborative experience to the application, we are hoping that this will encourage people to share their outcomes which is not available directly on the Knowledge base website.

We also have some exciting features which we will be adding in the near future thanks to our beta testers!

As with all of our apps, please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or constructive critisism!

Li-Labs Team

Download Link 



About Lithium Labs

Lithium Labs is a custom app development shop focused on mobilizing enterprise applications. These applications help expand the reach of many ERP and back office systems by putting information into the hands of employees anywhere and at anytime. Lithium Labs was founded in 2010 and their enterprise applications have been used by over 40,000 users globally. The companies goal is to build innovative and creative solutions to common business challages.

Blaze … a free iPad app for SAP Netweaver Gateway



A couple of months ago I was working on creating services for a SAP App store app called Production Insight for SAP. While working on the app I constantly found myself using RESTClient for Firefox to test, debug and view the attributes of my service while I was developing in XCode. Eventually I pulled up the metadata and service implementation on my iPad and used it as a second screen for reference. This made my life much easier. After having done this a couple of times over the past few months, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create an app which not only lets you view the service and its details, but also save requests, test them against multiple servers and also view the details easily. Which is why I built “Blaze”, it does all this and a little more. It is a free app and available in the app store as of yesterday, if I could put a “demo” or “beta” sticker on it: I would. (but apple won’ approve anything like that!) for all you “gatewayers” out there, please test it out and let me know what you like and don’t. My intention is to create a iOS client for gateway which is useful to developers like myself. The app can also handle other OData servers and services like Netflix and XS Engine from HANA.

Here are a couple of the app’s features:

  • Easily create and test new gateway services
  • Browse the service catalog of your servers
  • Save service calls as favorites for easy testing
  • Adding favorites saves request headers and methods
  • Handles both XML and JSON based services
  • Preview mode formats the response for easy reading
  • Links mode shows all links in the document which enables quick and easy drill down
  • Add headers easily with a list of choices
  • Also supports other OData Service Implementations such as Netflix and HANA XS Engine

  • This version currently requires SAP Netweaver Gateway SP04, the main reason for this is to easily browse the service catalog using JSON, if you don’t have SP04, you can set the app to “other” type and it should work. <- feedback needed

Click here to download the app

Here is a short demo video of the app in action:


And here are a couple of screenshots:

iPad Screenshot 1

iPad Screenshot 2

iPad Screenshot 3

App Review: Material Availability from SAP

App Name: Material Availability
Developer: SAP AG
Release Date: 07 Jan 2012
Version: 2.1.0
Price: Free
Requirements: Sybase Unwired Platform, SAP Netweaver Gateway

Summary (from iTunes):
With the SAP Material Availability mobile app for iPhone, you can display material details including a product image. It allows you to check on customer specific pricing and product availability. Now you can also make reservation directly from your mobile device anywhere and anytime.

Material availability is a staple part of any ERP and having an app which has the ability to view pricing, stock on hand and reserve stock from a mobile device is valuable. The app is very straight forward and pleasantly basic, it allows you to filter your list of materials as well as group them by material group or base unit of measure. Selecting the “Availability” button will allow you to lookup and specify a customer and quantity, then displaying an estimated delivery date, delivery plant and total price. Once you confirm the displayed details you can make or cancel the reservation.

I liked the fact the app offered the ability to use sample data as this makes it easy to evaluate and decide if you feel it is worth pursuing further. The material images are a nice additional too, I believe it would be beneficial if you could click the image and have a larger view of the product.

As mentioned, the app is simple to use, quick and easy to navigate – The premise for any mobile application. However, one item I felt the app lacked was the ability to see existing reservations for the customer/material.

Open Question:
If anyone out there is using this app in production, I am curious to know how the images are loaded/stored and then subsequently referenced? In DMS?