Category: Apps

  • Syscompare – a tool for comparing repos across HANA instances

    inSh A couple of weeks ago I was moving code from 1 hana instance to another trying to keep them in sync. However, I thought there might be a better alternative for comparing the contents of the repos across my systems to ensure that the files matched. After doing some digging and not finding a […]

  • metric² for iPhone and SAP HANA

      metric² for iPhone lets you monitor your SAP HANA instances from your phone showing you alerts, core resources and important metrics. Wherever you are. As mentioned in my GitHANA article, developing on the metric² open source project has really provided some interesting use cases for me around SAP HANA. While it might not be […]

  • Git <> HANA – A free, open-source Github client for SAP HANA

    Over the last few months, working on the metric² open source project, I have been frequently updating the GitHub repo. As a heavy XS Web IDE user, this entailed exporting or copying the contents of the files from the package into my local GitHub repository for the project and subsequently committing the files from there. […]

  • Hacking SAP HANA Web Sockets

    Disclaimer: This is not a production or documented feature – its also more of a hijack than a hack    I have been hoping for the inclusion of Websocket support on the HANA DB platform for a while now, and I was a little disappointed it was not packaged in the SPS08 release. My goal […]

  • metric² v2.0 release

    After releasing metric² at TechEd Las Vegas last year it has had well over a hundred downloads, and has a couple loyal followers always offering advice and feedback (which I am truly thankful for). Last week we released version 2.0 of the free and open source app and subsequently put it onto GitHub under the […]

  • XSOData Service Browser

    Introduction I was recently working on developing a couple of XSOData services for Metric² when I realized that it would be pretty helpful to have a way to develop, test, explore services and queries. I wrote a similar tool for SAP Netweaver Gateway and the iPad a couple years ago, and decided to model it […]

  • xSync – Revision 1.02 Updates

    You can now download xSync – v1.02: Some additional features include: Added quick links to the Web Based IDE and Editor You can now “Ignore” deletes on your file system, it made me nervous that if I deleted a file locally it would delete it server-side, so added a settings option. Errors are now parsed […]

  • Simple Sample: Writing an entry to SAP Netweaver Gateway using JSON

    Skill Level: Beginner Time Needed: 20 minutes I recently assisted someone on the forums when they were having trouble creating records in their SAP ECC instance while using Gateway. I thought I would share some very simple code showing what it takes to write an entry into a service via JSON from iOS (Objective C). […]

  • SAP Notes Viewer for Mac

    Since I have been spending the last few weeks getting some Netweaver instances running on my new Hyper V server, I have spent a considerable amount of time on the SAP Notes website debugging and troubleshooting everything from installation to master guides. Since my SAP Note Viewer apps for iPhone and iPad are fairly popular […]

  • Quick View for SAP Notes (Windows)

    In my ever growing quest to provide quick and easy access to SAP Notes (which Dagfinn Parnas started a couple of years ago with the Android Note Viewer), I recently finished creating a windows version of a small app to make opening notes just a little easier. When deciding if I should get this done, […]