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  • SAP UI5 – A Photoshop template of GUI elements

    For me (and I am sure many others!), UI5 has become a really useful toolkit for easily developing web apps and POC’s with little effort around the SAP Ecosystem. The OData support, rich controls and business inspired examples lend itself well to the mantra of “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. At a recent SAP Inside Track […]

  • Simple Sample: Writing an entry to SAP Netweaver Gateway using JSON

    Skill Level: Beginner Time Needed: 20 minutes I recently assisted someone on the forums when they were having trouble creating records in their SAP ECC instance while using Gateway. I thought I would share some very simple code showing what it takes to write an entry into a service via JSON from iOS (Objective C). […]

  • Blaze … a free iPad app for SAP Netweaver Gateway

      A couple of months ago I was working on creating services for a SAP App store app called Production Insight for SAP. While working on the app I constantly found myself using RESTClient for Firefox to test, debug and view the attributes of my service while I was developing in XCode. Eventually I pulled […]

  • zSCN – A iPad SCN Community Reader

    After spending a couple of months traveling in 2012, I wrote a personal app for reading and following content created on the SAP Community Network. Although it was slightly buggy and ghetto, I found it way faster than firing up my MBA to check if a comment or something helpful had been posted in my […]

  • S2F: Developing an iPad app using SAP Netweaver Gateway – Part 1

      Click here if you would like an intro to this blog post … Essentially, these are some of my slides from a TechEd presentation last week (MOB205). My position with this presentation is to depict the overall process I use when developing an app, a few of the *many* considerations to make, as well as […]

  • This is a great infographic from Vertic showing tablet adoption in the enterprise

    There are a couple additional statistics at which are also interesting.   Source:

  • Connecting SAP Netweaver Gateway Trial to ES Workplace ERP

    After following John Moy’s blog series on setting up the Netweaver Gateway trial on Amazon EC2, I thought it would be helpful to share how to connect your shiny new gateway trial to the ES Workplace ERP. Since using the ES Workplace systems a couple years ago for a CRM Mobile app, I have always […]

  • App Review: Material Availability from SAP

    App Name: Material Availability Developer: SAP AG Release Date: 07 Jan 2012 Version: 2.1.0 Price: Free Requirements: Sybase Unwired Platform, SAP Netweaver Gateway Rating: Summary (from iTunes): With the SAP Material Availability mobile app for iPhone, you can display material details including a product image. It allows you to check on customer specific pricing and […]

  • Mobility News

    Introduction This series of blog posts is intended to highlight industry news, releases, events and happenings within the enterprise mobility space. Middleware: Netweaver Gateway SP03 You can read about what is new using this link. Being a big proponent and advocate toward the use of NW GW, I am excited to see SAP pushing this product, giving […]

  • Integrating Apple Siri with SAP Gateway

    After hearing about folks hacking Apple’s Siri to do things like starting their Viper and controlling their thermostat, I thought about utilizing voice based integration with SAP to retrieve data. By default, Apples technology is pretty well locked down, but it didn’t take long for a developer to introduce a small workaround using a ruby […]