Category: Security

  • Hacking SAP HANA Web Sockets

    Disclaimer: This is not a production or documented feature – its also more of a hijack than a hackĀ    I have been hoping for the inclusion of Websocket support on the HANA DB platform for a while now, and I was a little disappointed it was not packaged in the SPS08 release. My goal […]

  • A Proof of Concept: The social aspect of enterprise data

    Something I truly enjoy about my job is that fact that I am given freedom to explore creative solutions to business challenges. Being in manufacturing and the extremely demanding automotive industry, we are consistently challenged to produce better product, at a lower cost and in a shorter time in order to maintain reasonable margins. We […]

  • How secure is your enterprise data?

    A couple of months ago, we had an emergency meeting with our process control engineers concerned by the announcement of the “Stuxnet” virus, which targeted Siemens PLC’s. For those of you who don’t know what a PLC is, it’s essentially a PC used in industrial operations to control machinery on a production line, AC Systems, […]