Consulting Services

Lithium Labs offers consulting services to help guide your company through the challenges within the IT space. Our small team of experienced consultants can train, guide and lead your company through a variety of processes to ensure a successful outcome.
We can assist in defining and selecting hardware, software and services to ensure your business starts off on the right foot.
In the event your company is looking to expand or acquire another company, we can assist in ensuring the proper provisions are in place, and the correct planning has been done, to ensure a smooth transition.
Our consulting services can help ensure that your day-to-day IT operations do not get in the way of your core business model.
If you company is looking to acquire, merge or divest a entity, we can help ensure systems are properly integrated, configured and aligned for future success.


We can assist you in building a SDLC which matches your company and processes.

Software Architecture

Lithium Labs can help design and define a software architecture which will scale, support and provide a foundation for your operational needs.

Business Process Analysis

We provide consulting engagements to document, define or re-engineer your business processes, and if needed, identify opportunities for improvement or provide best practice advice.


Understanding the constant flux of an IT landscape can be a challenging task, we provide a consulting engagement which reviews and constructs IT strategies which utilize key industry standards.