Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development is one of Lithium Labs core development focus areas. Our apps have reached over 50,000 users on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia.

Enterprise Applications

Our mobile enterprise application integration includes custom ERP systems, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint.

Consumer Applications

We have developed multiple non-enterprise applications which are standalone or require integration via API’s or Web Service calls. If you have a “Million dollar idea”, we would be happy to sign NDA’s and help drive your big idea to reality.

We offer services ranging from inception through to implementation and we are more than happy to be involved in any phase of your mobile application project.

Platform Experience

As big proponents of the SAP Netweaver Gateway platform our experience is broad and includes developing custom REST based web services in ABAP using Netweaver Gateway Workbench (SEGW). We also have experience developing and extending other SAP partner solutions and expanding their reach to the mobile space.
We have spent the last 3 years developing and implementing mobile solutions which are tightly integrated with SMP (2.0 -> 3.0).
MDM software experience includes Airwatch, MobileIron, Soti and Sybase Afaria. We understand device management is an important aspect of any enterprise mobility implementation. We are happy to develop on any customer platform.

Blaze for SAP Netweaver Gateway

Blaze is a native iOS app which was developed to help the SAP Netweaver Users community by providing a mobile app to test, configure and execute Gateway services from the users iPad. Below is a short demo of the app and gives an example of what our iOS development team is capable of developing.

Web Apps

Mobile web apps are developed in HTML5 using frameworks such as jQuery to provide a write once/deploy many scenario which is cost effective and provides a good balance of usability and performance.

iOS Development

Native iOS app developed is done in XCode using the programming language Objective-C.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps use a native approach to develop a “framework” of core, or foundation of components which surround certain HTML5 pages.

Android Apps

App development for Android applications is done in Eclipse using the Java programming language.

SAP Mobile Applications

In the SAP Ecosystem Mobile apps can be integrated with SAP backend systems in a variety of ways, our experience includes the options/suggestions below.


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.04.42 PM

Recent Mobile Projects