Mobility News 23rd April

The SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0 Developer Tool for XCode was released a little while ago after showing up at a Innojam event and Vishal demo’ed it back in 2010 at TechEd, but after multiple attempts at getting just a basic app to function from start to finish has been a challenging one. Check this blog post for one of the issues I ran into.

Apple configurator is a new product recently released and updated (v 1.0.1) which runs on OSX Lion gives mobility admins a basic MDM platform for deploying and managing apple devices in the enterprise. This is perfect for a small company where some basic management features are needed within the mobility space. You can read a little more about the software here and the updates. Apple also recently updated the iPhone Configuration Utility which allows you to create and deploy profiles for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. These profiles contain security policies, email account settings and certificates enabling enterprise integration. The new version of the software is 3.5 and adds policy restrictions for Siri, voice dialing and photo stream to name a few. You can check the out the change log here.

I recently received my copy of the Enterprise Mobility Manifesto from Sybase and edited by Eric Lai, the book is a nice introduction to all the challenges and options IT and Mobility managers face when dealing with all aspects of MDM, App Development and BYOD. If you are just trying to get your arms around Enterprise Mobility, its a great place to start:

I recently caught up on some blog posts that I missed and enjoyed Kevin Benedicts post regarding enterprise mobility in 2006: Check it out here, and although many of theĀ  concepts, devices and OS’s have changed, we are still facing very similar challenges.

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is already churning and it seems like a thinner device with a larger screen will be a pretty good bet. As with Kevin’s post above, I had better start redesigning and planning updates to existing apps šŸ˜‰ Click here to check out a list of the rumors and stay up to date if you are axiously awaiting the release šŸ™‚

If you have not had a chance to checkout SAPUI5, I would recommend it, Although only a “trial” version, the development kit is full featured and has some great controls making Netweaver Gateway service consumption easy. It does have a couple bugs which can be misleading due to .js files not being present.

If you are planning on attending SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando next month, check out this blog post from Eric Lai regarding some of the more mobile oritented sessions.