Portfolio Category: iOS

zSCN for SAP Community Network

zSCN for SAP SCN makes reading the SAP Community Network easier and quicker. With the ability to login to your SCN account from your device makes your spaces, bookmarks and friends simple to access. Contents are downloaded from the RSS feeds and can easily be read directly on the website and content links can be...
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Custom Data Aquisition App – iPhone

This DAQ app was designed for one of our customers who wanted a “anytime” view of their production performance on their mobile device. Production line overview Respond to operational challenges in Real time Create performance awareness with real-time notifications Siemens PLC and MS SQL Server Integration

KB Manager for iOS

KB Manager agives system admins and IT Professionals the ability to save links to their important Microsoft KB articles on their iPhone or iPad. It is faster than looking up the articles online and also allows you to create Tags and Statuses for each article. Search for articles Share KB articles easily Tag and mark...
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