Realtime Dashboards

Lithium Labs has developed multiple packaged, and custom, dashboards for companies looking to gain insight into their business performance without waiting until the end of the month. We believe that our custom developed dashboards give our customers relevant and useful information to make decisions quickly and effectively.  These dashboards provide key metrics in one “go-to” location. A benefit of real-time dashboards is that directors, managers and staff have visible targets. Ability to react before major impact occurs by monitoring the relevant KPI’s. These displays can also be used to display product, work or quality information, which is sync’ed with your system of record to provide a complete picture and help produce a better product.

Organization Opportunities

Real-time dashboards and displays can provide details for :

– CEO to Operation level Employees

– Front-office to back-office operations

– Transparency into site, or subsidiary level details

– Performance Targets

– Logistics Insights

Dashboard Data Sources

Our dashboards can source data from multiple systems to provide a complete picture :

– ERP & Financial Systems


– ECommerce/POS

– API’s

– Social Media

How can we help you?

If you are considering implementing a dashboard, List of KPI’s, Realtime reports or online dashboards within your organization, we can assist by developing both the infrastructure and solution to provide your needed information in a useable format.

Technology Overview

Majority of the dashboards we develop are web based applications with traditional transactional databases as their backends. Information can be sourced from a variety of information systems including SAP, JD Edwards, Business Objects Universe, JobBOSS or Infor ERP’s to name a few. Other data sources include SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, MySQL, Access or even a basic Text File. We also have developed dashboards which source data from sensors, and “mashing” that information up with ERP data to provide insights to a very granular level.

Packaged Products

Below are some packaged products which we have developed for various platforms, if you feel one of these products fit your needs, they can quickly and easily be implemented and customized to meet your requirements.

Metric2 for SQL Server

Is a realtime dashboarding framework built on Microsoft SQL Server.The application provides a foundation for building realtime large format displays of SQL Data which can be pulled from a variety of sources.

  • Framework: .NET
  • Data Sources: SQL Server
  • Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2008+, SQL Server 2008+, IIS

Metric2 for SAP HANA

Is a realtime dashboarding framework built on SAP HANA. The application makes use of the SAP HANA in-memory database to both store large amounts of data for further analysis, and to provide realtime insights into business process and performance. You can read more about the Metric2 product here.

  • Framework: HTML5 & Javascript
  • Data Sources: SAP HANA, SQL Server, OData, JSON, API’s
  • Requrements: SAP HANA SP06+, XS Engine