SAP HANA Development

We believe SAP HANA has the ability to impact the enterprise in a big way. At the core of the product is the in-memory database providing lightning fast storage and retrieval. We develop interfaces for the data and the underlying processes giving users a simple, intuitive method for viewing and acting on the data at hand.

Real-time Examples

SAP HANA and our interfaces can help your company by providing:

– Ability to run multiple simulations on data, in real-time

– Analytics to guide your business

– Identify potential risks in real-time

– Utilize the built-in predictive algorithms to identify opportunities

– Analyze operations in real-time

Application Development on SAP HANA

We can assist in developing applications which reside directly on the SAP HANA XS Engine.

– Mobile Applications

– Web-based real-time Dashboards

-Desktop Applications

-Workflow or Trigger based Messaging Service

– Widget