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xSync for SAP HANA

xSync is a Mac app which runs in the Status Bar and watches file system changes to a designated development folder. As soon as you save, it saves your file in XS Engine to your package repository. Development is no longer is choir of saving, syncing and activating Even if you are not a developer, it has some useful features, it shows if your HANA instance is online – avoiding unnecessary costs, and also allows you to easily download all files from a HANA package or development project. This is great for creating local backup/snapshots regularly.


Metric2 is a Real-time monitoring suite for SAP HANA. The suite contains dashboards, monitors and alerts for the HANA database and its applications, so that you can spend more time running your business, and not your systems.

  • System Dashboard for KPI’s
  • Available anywhere using a browser
  • Developed to give your company insight into system and business performance
  • Free Application
  • Visit Metric2 Website
  • Free download